Cosmos Gaia Spirit Symposium Presenter

Cosmos, Gaia and Spirit Symposium Presenter

Philip Snow Gang, Ph.D., Academic Dean of The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) M. Ed. Programs at Endicott College in Integrative Learning and Montessori Integrative Learning, is a pioneer in the field of integrative, systemic and transformative approaches to education.

He is the author of Rethinking Education, co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom, appears in DeCarlo’s anthology, Towards a New World View: Conversations at the Leading Edge and is creator of the ecological mobile map material, Our Planet, Our Home. His recent article, Cosmos, Gaia and Eros: Integrative Learning, Creativity and the Primal Paradox, has been accepted for publication in the May 2015 issue of About Place Journal.

 In 1990 he helped organize the Global Alliance for Transforming Education  (GATE) – an alliance of educational leaders from around the world. In response to what he learned as its Executive Director, Gang developed the TIES’ graduate education programs, now serving students in more than 30 countries. During this time he collaborated with Robert Muller, Assistant secretary General of the United Nations and conversed with Thomas Berry in Costa Rica as well at his New York home.

Philip Snow Gang - Presenter of the Cosmos, Gaia, Eros Symposium

Marsha Snow Morgan and Philip Snow Gang, well-known Montessorians since the early 70s, collaborated from 1990-2012 to develop adult learning programs that are congruent with the core philosophy of Montessori education. Gang had a personal relationship with Dr. Maria Montessori’s son, Mario Montessori. Mario Montessori, Jr., Montessori’s grandson, served on his doctoral committee.

The Cosmos, Gaia and Spirit symposium uses an integrated view, providing an opportunity for individuals to explore eight principles and processes that have resulted in well-documented personal transformation. It is Gang’s intention to make explicit what is implicit in his and Morgan’s work with adult learners. He asserts that these principles are the very foundation of transformational change in conscious education.

During 2015-2016, to mark TIES 20th year, Gang is engaged in a legacy tour revealing his life work through these symposia. This retreat-symposium focuses on the spiritual, intellectual and self-development principles espoused by Montessori and implemented by Gang and Morgan.

Marsha Snow Morgan
One of Gang’s driving question is: What form of education might liberate children and adults from age-old prejudices and assumptions so that they will embrace the qualities of the ‘new human’ — one whose relationship with the human and non-human world is bound in an integrated web of relationship?